Friday, February 17, 2012


Well generally fashion is general term for a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, foot wear, or accessories. (copy form wiki ^^). It is some injection from ordinary look. Or even the feeling of confident when you look like a fool (hey so mean!).

I am definitely not fashionista. Cus i think sometimes it is time consuming to make some twisted from normal arrangement.  Simple T-shirt yang x payah iron and jeans or short will do for me. I like to wear what I feel comfortable enough for me to move and doing things. And does that bother you if I am wearing pajamas pants?

If you define fashion is the world today, it is beyond of the limit. Do you even think Lady Gaga or Nicki Minaj fashion fashionable?  But the world today, you know what I mean.

Why I am writing this, as I do view and follow some self proclaimed fashionista, but end up, I think they look ridiculous.  Again, If I define fashion, I would saying fashion is beautiful simplicity, That what I hope for malaysian fashionista nowadays.

Again, I am not fashionsista and I might look ridiculous all the time. But I will not wearing orange flower blouse with light blue pants just to go to normal hypermarket and I don't want to see that in malaysian. But peps, we do have to respect other choices.

I like this girl, Vivy yusof, she's hot and and she know what to wear at the right place and right time, And Kadarshian, they might look extravaganza and classy, but 80% of it, they turn simplicity to magnificent look.

Just plain opinion

Cheers all,

(P/S: I might selling cheap stuff, but look and compare with other boutique, It is the same stuff and their price 100%higher, you see, this is something what I like to do due to my free time. Maybe I should inject some fashion ideology so it will look more expensive, If you wanna know which boutiques I am talking bout, email me

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