Monday, January 16, 2012


When I start this business, it just an idea to have fun with my beloved sister. I'm planning to get her a car this year, 2012  and want her be more independent to earn money rather than asking from me directly.. Plus of course the quality time together. That is the whole idea at the first place. Get my sister to work and to earn. Prior to that, as networking job cost me working odd hours, so to get rid off my shopping hobby during my free time is to share what I love! CRAKYLOOK

The early journey on last November 2011, I found it was interesting. I mean all the booth set up, the supplier, customer and other nice vendor.  Awesome experience and I am getting more serious bout this.

So, Buyers, do always check on us okay?  Our offer in term of the quality, it is super cheap. CRAKYLOOK, is not about money, It is what I love to share, my love toward my sisters and my time. All Items are RM 35 and below which out there might cost you more. We talking bout NEW ITEMS! not preloved or bundle

And why buying things from Flea Market? Well I'm using all this brand daily TOPSHOP, GUESS, ZARA, FOREVER 21, MNG etc.. but sometimes, how your look is count not the brand! so do please support us okayh honeybee?

Much love